Mikael Lindnord’s ‘Arthur: The Dog who Crossed the Jungle to Find a Home’ becomes a Movie with Mark Wahlberg

Mikael Lindnord’s ‘Arthur: The Dog who Crossed the Jungle to Find a Home’ is a heartwarming story about a dog that goes on an incredible journey to find his ultimate home and master. Lindnord was leading an adventure team across a 400-mile race through Ecuador’s jungles when he came upon a stray dog, who he first fed a meatball while running. The dog followed the team and proved invaluable to him and his team on some of the toughest terrain on Earth. Lindnor decided to adopt the dog and eventually get him back to Sweden to live with him.

The Story of Arthur, the Street Dog

When Lindnord, an adventure racer from Sweden decided to share his meatballs with a stray dog from the streets that approached him during a race in Ecuador, little did he know how how that simple act of feeding would change his change. The act of kindness spurred the dog to follow him into dangerous jungles and mountains and in the process forming a deep bond between them. He would soon name the dog Arthur, after the fictional King Arthur.

The Adventure Racing World Championship is a gruelling 430 mile race that includes navigation, trekking and mountain biking. It’s not just about finishing the event; it’s also challenging to successfully complete all these tasks within such restrictions!

Lindnord had such a deep admiration for Arthur that he would freely give up his chance at victory just to help him out. In one pivital moment during a kayak race, Lindford’s team was advised against taking Arthur. But the plucky canine was determined and accompanied them by swimming, enough for Lindford to hold up the team and help the stubborn Arthur on to their boat.

Lindnord’s story is one of perseverance and loyalty. He took on the government bureaucracy to bring his best friend home after an epic adventure across South America. Their story lit up social media, making Arthur a media celebrity in their own right! Lindnord soon decided to write his story after the ordeal and succes of bringing Arthur home. The result is a sweet memoir of their relationship and a meditation on the bond between human and a dog.

Mark Wahlberg to Star in Dog Adventure Movie ‘Arthur the King’

Mark Walberg has decided to turn Lindford and Arthur’s story into a movie. He is set to produce and star in an upcoming Paramount Pictures production titled ‘Arthur the King’ as Lindnord, who will also be executive producing. The script was adapted for the screen by Michael Brandt, who wrote ‘3:10 to Yuma’ and ‘Wanted’.

Wahlberg’s appeal to the story is that he’s a big animal lover and he generally favors stories about the deep connection between man and animal and the triumph of spirit. The movie is currently filming in the US and the Dominican Republic.

Is the book a must read?

The plot of this book will appeal to those interested in endurance racing, while also being accessible for readers that enjoy dog tales. The story of a dog and his owner who are both involved with extreme sports will be interesting to some readers, but don’t expect this read to be classic ” literature.” It does start off slow with some repetitive parts which may bother some people, but if you’re willing to sit through chapters where they both battle a tough jungle, ferocious rivers and illnesses, the reader will be rewarded with a touching story.

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